Title I Information

Title I is a federally funded program to help children get a quality education and meet academic standards.  At Kujawa EC/PK Center, Title I is implemented as a school-wide program that all students benefit from. 

Using Title I funds, our school strives to:
-develop and implement programs that will add to regular classroom instruction
-provide services, especially for students with the greatest need of instructional help
-increase parental involvement in school activities and at home

Parental involvement is vital to the success of your child and the school as a whole.  Please see the documents below to review our school's Parent Compact and Parental Involvement Policies.

Title I Documents  
Kujawa EC/PK Parent Compact - English                                      
Kujawa EC/PK Parent Compact - Spanish      
Kujawa EC/PK Parental Involvement Policy - English            
Kujawa EC/PK Parental Involvement Policy - Spanish    

Title I Legislation
Title I Legislation ensures that a parent has the right to request information regarding the professional qualifications of their child's classroom teacher.
Legislación Título I
El título I de la legislación asegura que cada padre tenga el derecho de solicitar información relacionada a las calificaciones del maestro(a) del salón de clases de su hijo(a).