Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need to wear a uniform to school?
Standardized dress is mandatory at Kujawa EC/PK Center. Our school uniform consists of khaki (tan) bottoms and a red, yellow, or royal blue polo shirt. If students have a Kujawa EC/PK t-shirt, they can wear that during the week with khakis. On Fridays, student may wear jeans with a Kujawa EC/PK t-shirt. School t-shirts can be purchased in the front office for $15 and school Polo Shirts for $18 .


Why does my child need a transportation tag?
Transportation tags are mandatory because they let us know how your child goes home and important contact information. Tags must be worn every day to and from school. Tags can be purchased for $5 in the front office.

ID tag

Where can I buy school supplies for my child?
School supply packets can be purchased during registration or at orientation at the beginning of the year for $40. If you choose to purchase supplies on your own attached is the current school supply list. Kujawa Supply List.pdf